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- 14th May to 11th June 2019


Led by a qualified and experienced NCT Postnatal Leader these sessions give new mums the opportunity to discuss issues that they are dealing with such as: ‘Does your baby cry a lot? What could be wrong? How to cope with crying’ ‘How to cope with lack of sleep and how to ensure your well-being is on the agenda, now you’re a mum’ ‘Now you’re there- is motherhood what you expected?’ ‘Feeding- what’s it like now? Where to get help and support?’ ‘How I thought I would feel about being at home, and how I now feel about work’ ‘How having a baby has affected my relationships with others’ ………….. and lots more topics!

With structured activities to help explore postnatal life as well as refreshments, information, and selection of books and factsheets, the NCT Postnatal Course is for every new mum. Whether you have attended antenatal classes, or not, whether you formula feed, breast feed or mixed feed, whether you are an NCT member, or not. All are welcome.

See what people who have been on recent courses say about the NCT Postnatal Course: People who have attended NCT Postnatal Courses say:

‘I enjoyed looking forward to doing something once a week with other local mums in a nice setting where we wouldn’t be judged in any way and could relax and confide in others.’

‘The transition to parenthood is a very challenging, emotional time. There is not one right way of being a good mum, making friends with other new parents in our area is key if we want to stay happy and sane! Thank you for stressing these points Pippa.’

‘I feel I should be capable of handling most things, but actually your life starts afresh when you have a baby and you need new tools and new people to help you navigate choppy waters! ‘

‘The course exceeded my expectations, it has helped me to feel more confident about how to develop as a mum’

‘I really enjoyed the course, I always felt comfortable, and it was so nice how you lovingly prepared everything for us each week and you really took care of us! The sessions were always an opportunity for me to think about and reflect on different issues and to get new ideas’

‘I’ve been recommending your courses to lots of mums, it helped me so much and I’ve met the girls for coffee a few times now’

‘What I love about this group is the ability to come tired, worn out and be totally accepted and encouraged by the other mums. Discussion has really helped me to open up and build my confidence as a new mum."

Why not sign up and treat yourself to an NCT Postnatal Course? Contact Alison: for more information

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