NNS FAQ - Brentwood

The next Nearly New Sale is on 25th March, 2018 at Brentwood School Sports Centre (Courage Hall), Brentwood CM15 8EE.


How can I become a seller?

Registration for sellers opens about 6 weeks before the sale. Look out for our e-mail updates, posts on our Facebook site, on Twitter or via the NCT website Nearly New Sale Registration page. You will need to register via an online booking form and your space will be confirmed immediately on payment of the £3.50 administration fee. We have a limited number of sellers places, and we do fill up extremely quickly. Once full, there will be a waiting list in case sellers drop out.

I’m not an NCT member – can I still sell?

Yes you can, members and non-members are welcome to sell.

I’d like to sell but I can’t volunteer.

You can sell only, however, as volunteers are essential to the running of the sale, we have a capped number of seller only spots.  Seller only spaces will be only be made available when all of the seller / volunteer spaces have been taken.

I’ve only just heard about your sale – can I turn up on the day and sell my items?

No, sorry. Due to the way the sale is organised, all sellers must be pre-registered. Registration closes one week before the sale, or earlier if the sellers places have been completely filled. 

Do I have my own stall?

No. This is not a table top sale. Items are sorted into categories by our volunteers so customers can easily compare quality and price.

How many items can I sell?

You will receive a seller’s pack giving details and advice on what can and cannot be sold, how many items, etc. Please check the seller’s information sheet as these can vary from sale to sale.

How do I price my items?

Prices are usually between 30%- 50% of any high street price, depending on their condition. However, it is a nearly new sale and considering that a lot of baby and nursery items are only used for a relatively short period, they are usually excellent value. Auction web sites can also be used as a guide, but price your items to sell, if you don’t want to take your items home with you. Minimum item price is £1, but you can bundle items to make them worth £1.

How should my items be labelled?

All items must be clearly and securely labelled, with your price and seller name & number. We provide specific coloured labels for clothing, maternity wear and shoes, as the number of clothing items is restricted. A small amount of non-clothing labels are provided but you are free to make up more of your own.

When can I drop off my items for the sale?

You will need to bring your items to the sale site either the evening before or early on the sale day, usually around 7.30am and then collect any unsold items about 2pm. Exact times will be listed in your seller’s information sheet.

Do I need to unpack all my sale items?

When you drop off your boxes and bags, our volunteers will do that for you. However, you may be asked to put larger items such as prams or outdoor toys in their assigned areas.

How many people come to the sale?

On average 400 people attend the sale, so there is ample opportunity for your goods to be sold!

When will I receive my money and how much commission will I have to pay to the NCT?

All profits will be transferred directly to the bank account details you provide us with in your seller registration within 5 days of the sale. You will be able to pick up your sold labels as proof of sales at 2pm after the sale finishes.  

Brentwood NCT takes 25% commission from your total sales figure, plus a £3.50 administration fee, which is payable when you register to sell. 

What happens to the items I don’t sell?

All unsold items are sorted by our volunteers and repacked in your bags and boxes ready to collect at 2pm. At the end of each sale we also have an arrangement with two other local charities, Ardleigh Green Children’s Centre and Moses Basket, providing the opportunity for any sellers to donate any of their unsold goods if they wish to do so. This is very informal and sellers are under no obligation to donate. Both charities are extremely grateful for all donations and this partnership helps to enhance our recycling ethos. 

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What are the benefits of volunteering at the sale?

Volunteers are essential to the running of our sale, and we really value your help. It’s a fun, busy day with a great atmosphere, and many volunteers return year on year. As a big thank you, we offer you the opportunity to shop before the sale is ‘officially open’ and to get first pick of some fantastic bargains.

How can I volunteer?

If you’d like to sell and volunteer, please complete both Seller and Volunteer parts of the online booking form. If you’d just like to volunteer, please fill in the Volunteer only part of the online registration form. You can find the links on our Registration page or contact us on NNS.Brentwood@nct.org.uk.  We are happy for you to bring husbands or partners along with you to volunteer or to send them in your place if you find you are unable to volunteer for any reason.

What will I have to do?

There are a variety of roles. The night before the sale we need help setting up the hall with rails and tables, and then we start unpacking seller’s boxes and sorting. On sale day, roles could range from unpacking, sorting, quality control checks, de-labelling, packing items at tills, taking payment and helping customers generally around the sale. At the end of the sale, all unsold goods need to be sorted and placed back into sellers boxes, and the room cleared of rails and tables.

What time will I have to be there?

We need volunteers for a few hours on the Saturday evening before the sale, usually 6-8pm. On the sale day, we need volunteers to help set up before the sale from 8am, during the sale and after until 2.30pm latest. Additional afternoon clear up volunteers are needed after the sale from 12-2.30pm. You can do combinations of the above.  We can always use extra hands for the clear up if partners or husbands are available to help out too.

Can I bring my children with me, whilst I volunteer?

We are sorry, but due to health and safety and security reasons we ask you do not bring your children with you. 

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I’m not an NCT member – can I still come to the sale?

Yes, you are very welcome, but will be allowed entry half an hour after NCT members.

How much is it?

There is a £1.50 entry fee for everyone coming to the sale. This is in aid of the NCT charity.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is plenty of parking available in the Brentwood School Sports Centre car park on Middleton Hall Lane, which is adjacent to Courage Hall where the sale takes place. There will be volunteer parking assistants in attendance on the day who will be able to help you if you have any problems. The car park does get very busy on sale day, so please do allow plenty of time and park with consideration if you are unable to find a space in the car park.  Other parking options is the Brentwood Town Hall, and the Bay Tree Centre Multi-storey car park.  Larger purchased items can be held for a limited time at the sale exit while you collect your car. 

What time is the sale open?

The sale opens to NCT members who can show their membership card at 10.00am, and the general public at 10.30am. The sale closes at 12 noon.

Will there be a queue?

Yes, there will be a queue for both members and non-members. Please be aware that this may mean queueing outside, as space in the reception area is limited.

Can I buy refreshments?

No, I’m afraid we are unable to sell refreshments.

Can I bring a pushchair?

The sale can get quite congested in places, so if you can avoid bringing a pushchair then it may be easier for you. However, we try our best to give you enough room to manoeuvre around and between the aisles should it be necessary for you to bring a pushchair.

What can I expect to find at the sale?

We always have a very good selection of good quality, nearly new nursery and children’s items. Buggies, cots, children’s bedding, potties, baby baths, stair gates, large outdoor toys (such as bikes, ride-ons, small slides), children’s clothes and shoes (from  birth to 10 years), maternity clothes, toys and games for ages up to 10, books, DVDs, dressing up clothes, etc. In fact, almost anything that you could need for a baby or child! Please note that each sale is different as it depends on what sellers offer for sale each time.

How can I pay for my items?

You can pay by cash or credit and debit card using Chip and Pin machines. Cash is highly preferable, and generally has much shorter payment queues than card.

Can we re-enter after we’ve left the sale?

You may re-enter the sale using a special NCT re-entry pass but you must have paid for any items before leaving the sale. This pass enables you to place any bulky items purchased in your car and then to carry on shopping if you wish. 

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