How does a ticketed sale work?

Ticketed sales allow buyers to find easily what they are looking for as clothes, toys and equipment are grouped according to size, age and style (for example, all the baby baths are in one place). Sellers find they sell more of their items at these sales.

You can enter as many or as few items as you like. We have a registration fee but this will be refunded if you volunteer to help run the sale (or set up the day before). You decide the price, label your items and help to set them out. After the sale, you will receive the proceeds from the sale of your items, minus a small commission to the NCT – so you can support your local charity at the same time as having a clearout!

Commission is set at:
· 25% for sellers who volunteer to help out either on the day or in the run up to the sale
· 30% for all other sellers

What happens to unsold items?
You can arrange to collect your unsold items on the afternoon of the same day or alternatively leave them to be donated to a local charity. You can also try to sell them again by entering unsold items into our next Nearly New Sale. Collect and store them, just keep the labels on and you can request the same seller number next time.

What can I sell?
You can sell baby and children's wear up to 5 years, maternity clothes, nursery equipment, books, toys, games, DVDs, and CDs.

A full list of what you can and cannot submit is available here

However the most notable excluded items are as follows:
· car seats
· breast pumps
· mains powered electrical equipment
· bottles
· dummies
· crash helmets / riding hats
· hand knitted toys
· clothing with a drawstring around the neck
· pushchairs and buggies must meet British Standard BS7409 and have full instructions. A permanent notice must state: “Children should be harnessed in at all times and should never be left unattended. The child should be clear of moving parts while making adjustments. The vehicle requires regular maintenance by the user. Overloading, incorrect folding and the use of non-approved accessories may damage or break this vehicle. Read the instructions.” Instructions in English must be supplied and headed: “Important, keep for future reference”

Any items falling into the above categories, or any dirty/worn-out/incomplete goods will be placed in the “Unsellable Item” box before the sale commences. It is at the discretion of the Nearly New Sale team to determine if an item is unsellable.

How should I prepare my items?

· Clothes must be washed, ironed and in good condition.
· Games, toys and equipment must be clean, complete and in working order. They should include instructions (these can often be printed from the internet if you do not have the original).
· Multipart items must be securely fastened together.
· All items must be clearly labelled as indicated in our labelling and pricing guide (see end of this document for full instructions).
· We strongly advise that clothes are displayed on clothes hangers as shoppers are able to view these much more easily. This is especially the case in the newborn, 0-3 mths, and 3-6 mths categories where there are usually a lot of items for sale. There will be a small number of spare hangers available on the day but please bring your own if possible.
· Smaller items or items that are not on hangers will be placed on table tops. These usually sell better when a number of items are bundled together.

Please note that we cannot return individual hangers, but you can reclaim as many as you brought from the "hanger recycling" box after the sale.

How to label and price your items

· When you have registered we will send you a label template in Excel that you are strongly advised to use. Every item must have a label.
· Labels must be securely attached with safety pins or string. NO PINS OR STICKY LABELS.
· Items labelled/attached in any other way will not be accepted but will be placed immediately into the “Unsellable Item” box before the sale commences

· It is up to you to decide how to price your items. You should be guided by their condition and brand. Prices should be similar to those in second-hand / charity shops.

When will I get paid?
Payment happens within 4 weeks of the sale either by cheque or bank transfer.

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