What can I sell?

Clean, good quality items such as baby & children’s clothes up to age 10, maternity wear, children’s toys & equipment and books can all be sold. Clothing will sell best if it is relevant to the season. This is a Nearly New Sale - please only sell items which fit this description so that we can maintain our reputation for excellent quality baby and children’s clothes and equipment. Clothes should be clean, ironed, with no stains, rips or buttons missing. We will be inspecting the quality of items for sale and reserve the right to withdraw items that do not meet our standards.

What about large items?

NCT will sell large items on your behalf and keep 30% commission on the sale of these items.  A flat rate of £15 commission will be charged for items over the price of £50.  These are: pushchairs/prams, cots, bicycles or ride-on toys, large toys, etc... When you arrive at the sale, please register your large items with one of the volunteers.

What cannot be sold?

It is your responsibility to ensure that goods you are selling are safe and fit for purpose. In order to protect NCT, you (the seller) and our customers, we have created a list of items that WILL NOT be accepted for sale at any NCT Nearly New Sale:

  • Recalled items (see information about recalls on RAPEX)

  • Bednest cribs, even with the modification kit

  • Baby Positioner pillows, nests or anti-roll products

  • Bag style baby slings (deep pouch with elasticated edge)

  • Baby hammocks

  • Baby Bottle propping devices / Baby Bottle Holders

  • Cot bumpers

  • Car seats, booster seats, 'Isofix' bases or car seats from travel systems

  • Riding helmets or crash helmets

  • Baby food, formula or bottles

  • Matresses

  • Second hand breast pumps

  • Clothes secured with a draw string

  • Bumbo seats without the safety strap

  • Any Maclaren buggies prior to 2009 without a safety hinge (visit www.shopmaclarenbaby.com to obtain this)

Certain items can be sold provided they meet the requirements. For more details please read the attached document titled 'Nearly New Sale Principles'.

Will there be refreshments?

We will have tea, coffee, soft drinks and a cake sale in our adjacent café area. We kindly ask for a donation of (preferably) home-made cake, cupcakes or traybake.

How do I register as a seller?

You can register on-line (once registrations are open) using our Seller Registration Form.  Registration typically opens 8 weeks before the sale date and seller’s places are available on a first come, first served basis. Your registration will be confirmed via email and an unique seller number will be allocated to you.  You will also receive a sellers' guide and labels. We have decided to provide sellers with labels so that we have consistency across all the sellers and introducing this new "two-part" label will hopefully mean quicker processing at the tills, and thus shorter queues!  We ask that you attach the labels securely to the item, using a bit of string or a safety pin (not a dressmaker's pin) and do not use sticky tape, as this can damage items. 

Do I have to pay to register as a seller?

A minimum of £3.00 must be paid at the time of registration - this covers the cost of labels, postage and other admin fees. You will not be able to register as a seller until this payment has been made, but our system is very straightforward and will guide you through each step of the registration process.

How can I volunteer for the sale?

We welcome volunteers with open arms as the success of our sales relies heavily on volunteers.  As a volunteer you will benefit from free access to the Pre-Sale before the doors open to NCT members and the general public.  Sellers who also volunteer will benefit from a reduced commission fee between 18% - 27% instead of 30% if they meet our criteria for the number of hours volunteering. When registrations are open you will be able to complete our volunteer registration form to register your interest as a volunteer.      

This is my first sale, do you have any tips?

Welcome to our nearly new sale! Whether it is for you to declutter your child(ren)’s wardrobe, make a bit of extra cash, or meet people and make friends, we hope you have a fun day and enjoy the whole experience. You might want to consider the following.

• NCT Nearly New Sales are sales of nearly new items, they’re not jumble sales, and buyers of course will pick and choose what they want to buy. Good quality items sell well. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. The more ‘like new’ you can make your items, the better they’ll sell.

• Consider the seasons: sell winter items in winter and keep summer clothes for the spring sale. Toys always sell well in the run-up to Christmas, especially if they are in mint condition.

• If you have a lot of clothes, please put them on hangers before the sale as there will not be time to do this on the day.  Hangers will not be available at the sale. Supermarkets are always happy to give them away if you need some.  You can also bundle small items together in clear bags, such as vests, pyjamas, t-shirts etc. 

• Items must be priced in multiples of 50p e.g. 50p, £1, £1.50 etc.  This helps speed things up through the tills and shorten the queues!

• Spread the word!!! We will advertise the sale centrally, but what often brings people along is a recommendation from a friend. The more people know about the sale, the more you are likely to sell!!!


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