Registrations are now closed for our sale on the 28th March!

Our sales start at 10:45am for NCT members (with a valid membership card), 15 minutes before the doors open for the general public, and will close at 12:30pm.

We always need volunteers to help with a number of things before, during and after the sale.  If you are interested in volunteering, or would like to register as a volunteer please read our Information for Volunteers.  It's a great way to make new friends, put something back into the NCT and be the first to spot a bargain.  Sellers who volunteer at the sale will enjoy a reduced commission fee between 18% - 27% if they meet the criteria for the number of hours volunteering and have access to the pre-sale. 

Are you a whizz in the kitchen?  We kindly ask for a donation of (preferably) home-made cake, cupcakes or traybake for our cake stall.

If you cannot stay during the sale, then please be prompt in picking up your unsold items at 1.30pm and assist us in tidying up the venue. At the present time NCT cannot accept any donations of unsold items.

When you register for the sale you will receive an email with your sellers pack containing everything you need to know in order to successfully sell your items.  There is a sellers fee, a minimum of £3.00, which must be paid at the time of registering.  You will not be able to register as a seller until this payment has been made, but our system is very straightforward and will guide you through each step of the registration process.  The commission for the Derby & District NCT Branch (30%) will be taken after the sale.

  • Online registration opens approx. 8 weeks before each sale and will close 7 days before each sale.
  • We do not have stalls. All items are displayed in specifically arranged and categorised areas.
  • There is a £3.00 deduction for sellers which must be paid at the time of registering.  The fee will increase in increments of 50p per 50 labels should a seller require more than the 100 labels originally allocated.  Sellers can receive a maximum of 200 labels per sale.
  • Once you have registered as a seller you will receive an email with the sellers pack.  Each pack will contain a unique seller number, comprehensive information for sellers, and labels for your items
  • Items should be dropped off at the venue between 8.30am and 8.45am and any unsold items collected at 1.30pm on the day of the sale.
  • Many sellers choose to volunteer prior to the sale (Friday evening) or on the day of the sale.  If our criteria is met (please see Information for Volunteers for more information), then sellers who volunteer will benefit from paying between 18% - 27% rather than 30% commission and will gain access to the Pre-Sale.
  • Attach the labels securely to the item, using a bit of string or a safety pin (not a dressmaker's pin) and do not use sticky tape or staples, as these can damage items.
  • The sale of large or more valuable items will incur a maximum commission charge of £15.
  • Within three weeks of the sale you will receive your payment via BACS to your chosen bank account.  Sellers payments after the sale are carried out centrally by NCT Head Office.  Payment by BACS is preferred due to the ease in which it can be carried out and the speed in which the payment will be received.  All information is held securely and your bank information is not viewable by branch volunteers.  Payments of cheques will usually take longer to arrive than BACS payments as cheques are not generated as frequently by Head Office.  The NCT retain the commission amount in order to pay for the costs of running the sales and to raise money for local projects.

Please also visit our FAQ page as it contains relevant information

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