Hidden Half Campaign

Make your voice heard for change

In order to push maternal mental health up the political agenda we need politicians to hear that people care about maternal mental health. Our MP engagement guide [available on 11 October 2017] tells you how to make your voice heard.

You can do as little or as much as you have time for and whatever you can do will make a difference. If the sum total of everyone’s small (or large) activities adds up to lots of noise, then politicians will sit up and pay attention.

That means that when we speak to decision-makers to press for the specific changes needed to the system, they will have an appetite to work with us to find solutions.

As at October 2017, 580 MPs have heard from #HiddenHalf supporters, lots have emailed the Health Minister and 5 have asked questions in parliament. It’s a fantastic start and we now want to build on it, to create a strong platform for change.

We can’t do it without you!


A special message to supporters in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Do you have a little time available and would you be interested in getting involved in a #HiddenHalf campaign group to develop campaign activities for the local context? To find out more, please contact campaigns@nct.org.uk