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33 weeks pregnant

When you are 33 weeks pregnant, your baby’s skeleton is becoming denser and you may start to feel new symptoms including a sense of heaviness in your pelvic area.

Week by week stages of pregnancy: week 33

Your baby’s bones are starting to harden in week 33 of pregnancy. Up to now they have consisted of a more flexible substance called cartilage.

However the bones in their skull will remain soft and separated to make it easier for them to travel down the birth canal. They would have grown by over a centimetre and put on some weight since last week.  You will probably be feeling heavier and will notice you are putting on weight quickly. At 33 weeks pregnant it is not unusual to feel heavier in your pelvis, or as some women describe it ‘as feeling like the baby will fall out’. This is because your baby is getting into a head down position which is the best position for a straightforward birth.  If you are worried about your baby's movement or position, please talk to your midwife. You may also begin to feel Braxton-Hicks contractions around this time. 

Have you visited your birth centre or maternity ward yet? If you are having your baby anywhere other than home, you should be able to go and see the place you choose before the big day arrives so that you know what to expect.  Seeing where you plan to have your baby, and familiarising yourself with the booking in process and what happens when you are there, can be very reassuring for both you and your partner. It will also help you make a plan for how you will get to the hospital or centre to give birth – you won’t be able to drive once you are in labour so you will need to think about other arrangements.

You will also need to think about how you are going to bring your baby home with you once she’s born. If she’s coming home by car you will need to invest in a car seat as it’s illegal and very dangerous to carry your baby in your arms in a vehicle. You should always buy your car seat new from a reputable company and ask for a fitting or demonstration when you buy it.

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