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32 weeks pregnant

When you are 32 weeks pregnant, your baby is going to be gaining weight and developing quickly. You may also notice your own weight increasing more than it has been.

Week by week stages of pregnancy: week 32

At 32 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 40.5cm long and weighs about 1.6kg. Over the next four weeks they will put on about a kilogram of weight as they lay down the body fat to regulate their body temperature when they're born.  Their skin is smooth and their arms and legs are getting ‘chubby’.

Their lungs have matured, and if they are born at 32 weeks, they have a much better chance of a healthy life, without too much time in hospital.

As your baby puts on more weight you will find yourself putting on weight too; roughly 1lb a week. At 32 weeks pregnant, symptoms related to weight gain can increase because you will need to consume more calories to share the energy and nutrients with your baby. It is good to remember though that you should still practice healthy eating instead of filling up on sugary snacks. A healthy lifestyle in pregnancy week 32 is just as important as it was earlier in pregnancy so think about what you are eating, the exercise you are doing and you're smoking and drinking too.

There are lots of decisions to be made once your baby gets here so it’s a good idea to get a head start on getting all the information you need.  Deciding how, or even whether, vitamin K should be given after pregnancy is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when your baby is born. We all need vitamin K to make our blood clot properly so that we will not bleed too easily. Some newborn babies have too little vitamin K. To prevent this, your baby can be given an injection of vitamin K. You can choose that your baby doesn't have an injection, or is given an oral dose of vitamin K instead. Now would be a good time to read up on vitamin K, or ask your midwife any questions you have, so you and your partner feel you can make the decision when the time comes.

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