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7 weeks pregnant

When you are 7 weeks pregnant, symptoms include an increased need to urinate and morning sickness. Your embryo also develops recognisable human features.

Week-by-week stages of pregnancy: week 7

In week 7 of pregnancy the embryo is entering into a time of more dramatic developments. Lots will happen in the next few weeks as it becomes more like a little human and vital networks begin to take shape. 

The embryo’s brain is developing rapidly when you are seven weeks pregnant.  Their head will become enlarged, out of proportion to the rest of their body, and their facial features will become more prominent. If you were looking inside your womb you would see small indentations where their nose and ears will be.  The embryo’s eyes are more developed as eyelids begin to grow over in a protective layer. 

Elsewhere elbows are starting to form where the arms bend and they have developed a finger shape, although fingers will need more growing time to form completely. There will also be signs of cardiac development as the fast, erratic heartbeat first heard in week five of pregnancy is replaced by a mature, rhythmic heartbeat much more like our own in pregnancy at 7 weeks. The embryo is about 9mm long now. 

You are now past the half way stage of your first trimester of pregnancy. You will probably still be experiencing many of the symptoms of pregnancy including the need to urinate a lot. This happens because your womb expands to house your growing baby and as it grows pushes on your bladder.  You may still be experiencing morning sickness. It is common for this to continue throughout your first trimester, as are other niggles and discomforts of pregnancy. It is perfectly normal to feel these things, it is your body’s reaction to the pregnancy hormones.  The good news is, once you pass your first trimester these symptoms usually settle down.

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