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9 weeks pregnant

At 9 weeks pregnant, it’s normal to feel discomfort and tiredness. Your baby will also be developing reflexes and making tiny movements, though you won’t feel them yet.

Week-by-week stages of pregnancy: week 9

The embryo will continue exciting developments during week nine of pregnancy.  They now have the beginnings of all the internal organs and the cartilage of the skeleton will slowly start forming into bone. The fingers have begun to separate. The embryo is now more flexible, with a little movement in its arms, legs and joints, and has started developing reflex actions. 

At nine weeks pregnant, it is likely you will continue to feel tired and may be uncomfortable.This is a perfectly normal symptom of pregnancy during your first trimester. 

Telling people that you are pregnant

After you have passed the eight weeks point you may be tempted to tell people you are pregnant as it can be very hard keeping a secret from your friends, family and colleagues. But many women decide it is a good idea to wait until past 12 weeks, after the first scan. About 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and of those more than 80% happen in the first 12 weeks. So at this early stage of pregnancy, you might still want to avoid telling anyone other than your partner and close relatives.

Further help and information

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