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36 weeks pregnant

When you are 36 weeks pregnant, symptoms can include ‘nesting’ which is a compulsion to clean and tidy your home. This can be a good time to prepare for the birth.

Week by week stages of pregnancy: week 36

Now you are 36 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 46cm long and weighs about 2.5kg and is fully formed. Your baby is perfectly formed now. They will only grow a bit more, reaching about 50cm when you are due however they will put on up to 1kg over the next four weeks as you progress towards the end of the third trimester.

By now they are able to turn their head, often turning it towards the light. They also has fully formed fingernails and may even scratch themselves. Their skin will have a slightly different tone than they will have when they are born, but this will become closer to their normal colour over the next few weeks.

You've got that 'nesting ' feeling!
Around 36 weeks pregnant, you may start getting a ‘nesting’ feeling. This is the urge to clean and prepare your home for your baby and is a sign you will be welcoming your new arrival soon.

‘Nesting’ is a much talked about pregnancy symptoms in the third trimester and it is very common to find yourself with the overwhelming needs to decorate your house, organise your wardrobe and clean everything in sight. It is not unusual for dads-to-be to also join in the ‘nesting’ as they too prepare for the new arrival.

If you are feeling energetic, why not put your ‘nesting’ energy to good use and make some meals to put in the freezer. This will be very useful because there may not be much time for cooking after the baby is born. It may seem a small thing now but in those early days you will thank yourself for getting prepared now. 

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