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16 weeks pregnant

At 16 weeks pregnant, your baby is developing rapidly. Around this time, symptoms of discomfort may ease and you will meet your midwife for a second antenatal appointment.

Week by week stages of pregnancy: week 16

You are now 16 weeks pregnant and your baby has grown by almost half their body size since week 13. They have been on a big growth spurt and is about 10cm long and weighs about 135g. In week 16 of pregnancy the shape of their head will develop further so that their eyes and ears are closer to the position they will be in by birth, although their eyes will still be closed for the next couple of weeks. Their limbs and vital organs are now fully formed, so from now on they will just carry on growing in size.

You are now well into your second trimester and should be feeling well. The previous niggles and discomforts of early pregnancy – nausea, fatigue, needing the loo – may reduce now, leaving you with a feeling of more energy.

You will have put on some weight about 2kg – 4kg and at sixteen weeks pregnant, your bump may be visible.  How big your bump is by now will vary from woman to woman and does not reflect the growth of your baby so don’t worry if you are barely showing yet - you will catch up.

At around 16 weeks of pregnancy you will have your second antenatal appointment with your midwife. She will check your blood pressure and carry out another urine check. This is your opportunity to ask questions about anything that may be worrying you or to discuss any problems you may be having. Soon you will be due your next scan (18-20 weeks) where you will be asked about antenatal screening, so remember to ask your midwife any questions you have about the anomaly scan as they will be happy to discuss this with you.

Further help and information

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