This role is currently vacant.

The Parent Support Coordinator must be an NCT member. All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter.  All roles can be shared.

The key function of branches is to provide support activities such as bumps and babies and open houses for parents-to-be and new parents – many parents speak warmly and gratefully about the friendships made through branches so the role of the Parent Support Coordinator is vital and brings the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others.

The Parent Support Coordinator is

  • the organiser of the branch parent support system;
  • the main contact for parents and health/children’s services professionals about the services and support on offer;
  • the link with branch specialist workers for class supporters and information about mutual support through the branch.

A successful Parent Support Coordinator knows what parents-to-be and new parents need and ensures that the branch provides a range of activities that will help the NCT reach all local parents, establishing the branch as the local FACE of the NCT – fun, accessible, caring and encouraging.

Time Commitment

The role could expand to fill every spare moment, especially in a large branch trying to provide a comprehensive programme of activities for parents – don’t let this happen! Build up your team of helpers and delegate tasks to them. There will be times of the year when more hours will be required, e.g. if planning and starting a new group. The NCT Volunteer & Member Profile 2008 showed that 47% of volunteers spent up to 2 hours in a typical week and a further 42% spent 2 to 8 hours on their volunteering.

Full Details

For full details see the role description on Babble, the NCT intranet (you will need your NCT membership number to log into Babble).


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