Caring for your baby

We look at how to keep your child safe, comfortable and protected over the summer
Here we look at dehydration in babies and what you can do if you think your baby is dehydrated. There are signs and symptoms to look out for and ways to treat and prevent it.
A newborn baby is a big responsibility. Here are tips on babycare regarding safety, changing a nappy, holding a baby, feeding, bathing and umbilical cord care.
Tips on how to care for a sick baby or toddler: information on common childhood illnesses including the symptoms, how long they last and what to do when your baby is sick.
This article provides breastfeeding tips, with information on breast milk production, knowing when to feed your baby and how much milk a baby needs.
What is the best age gap between siblings? We look at (perceived) positive and negative aspects of age differences between children. Find out about sibling spacing here.
If you are considering circumcision for your baby, you can read this Q&A. Find out what circumcision is, how common it is, whether it’s available on the NHS and more.
The contents of your baby’s nappies will change day by day at first and this can help you find out if feeding is going well. Read more about what to expect here.
Trying different parenting styles and approaches can help you to make long-term decisions about your baby’s care. Read about different parenting skills and models here.
Read about bathing your newborn baby: advice on how often you should bathe a newborn, tips on how to do it safely and also alternative approaches.
This article discusses swaddling - how to do it as well as the arguments for and against.
Baby massage is a lovely way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. It can also help you bond with them. Find out more in this article.