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Cold weather tips for the winter

In the winter months when the temperature drops your baby needs to be kept warm, especially when outdoors. Here are some tips for keeping them warm in the cold weather.

1. The extra layer rule

A good rule of thumb is to dress your baby with one layer of clothing more than you’re wearing. For example, if you’re in a shirt, sweater and coat, give your baby a vest, sleepsuit, cardigan and coat.

2. Be prepared

In winter it’s best to err on the side of caution so, as well as the extra layer, make sure you dress your baby in a hat, mittens and bootees when you go outside. And take a couple of blankets just in case.

3. Flat cap or woolly hat?

It’s important that a baby’s head is kept warm and protected so make sure they have hats or hoods for the winter. Flat caps look cute on baby boys but they’re not ideal for really cold weather. Either have a hooded jacket that can go over a cap or look for a woolly hat or headgear that covers ears and cheeks too.

4. Get their winter wardrobe from a Nearly New Sale

Kitting out a baby for the winter can be expensive so look out for an NCT Nearly New Sale in your area and buy quality clothes and equipment at a fraction of the high street price. NCT Nearly New Sales differ from other sales as the funds raised help support parents in the area.

5. Not too cold but not too hot

Don’t let your baby get cold, of course, but don’t let them get too hot either. Feel their chest or back to check their temperature. Remember to remove extra clothing when you come in from outside or get into a warm car, bus or train so that your baby doesn’t get too hot.

6. Get appy

When you’re out and about and it’s freezing cold, somewhere warm and dry to change your baby can be a godsend so don’t forget our award-winning Babychange app, sponsored by Sudocrem Care & Protect. This free, parent-friendly app shows you the way to the nearest baby changing facilities. 

7. A warm welcome awaits

Look out for NCT's Parent Friendly Charter stickers in cafes, shops and restaurants where you and your baby will get a warm welcome. You can feed your baby or toddler in comfort in these establishments, many of them have baby changing facilities and staff are trained to help.

8. Be careful when you turn to drink

Warming cups of tea or coffee are a good idea in the cold but try to avoid holding your baby when having them. Wriggling babies and hot drinks don’t always mix well…

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