refusing breast

Breastfeeding problems: my baby is refusing the breast

A baby refusing the breast is a common breastfeeding problem. Discover how you can positively encourage your baby to feed again

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How do I stop breastfeeding?

You can breastfeed your baby for as long as you wish but there may come a time when you want to stop. This article offers tips on how to stop breastfeeding a baby or toddler.

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Blocked milk ducts

They are one of breastfeeding’s biggest challenges but how do you know you have a blocked milk duct? And what’s the best way to treat it?

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My baby is not gaining weight

Baby weight gain concerns: here we look at what to do if you’re breastfeeding and your baby is not gaining weight or is only gaining weight slowly.

sore nipples

Sore nipples when breastfeeding

Sore nipples when breastfeeding can be a problem in the early days and beyond. This article outlines causes of sore nipples and suggests methods to ease the pain.

Expressed Milk

Expressing milk: How to feed it to your baby

If you’re used to breastfeeding, the world of bottles can be intimidating. Here’s the information you need.

frequent feeding

Breastfeeding: frequent feeding with newborns

You might be surprised by how frequently your baby needs feeding in the early days. Here we look at how to cope with frequent breastfeeding and dealing with an unsettled baby.

laidback breastfeeding

Breastfeeding positions: which are best for you?

Here we provide tips on the best breast feeding positions including lying down or sitting in a chair, with advice on underarm positions and other breastfeeding tips.

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Mastitis: Symptoms and treatment

Mastitis is a painful condition that causes inflammation in the breast. Here we discuss mastitis symptoms, treatment, how to continue breastfeeding with mastitis and tips to help prevent it.

Breastfeeding problems and concerns in the early days

Here we look at some of the problems and concerns that can make breastfeeding in the early days challenging.


About breastmilk and breastfeeding

Seeing your breasts change during pregnancy is probably making you curious about what is happening now and what happens later to allow breastfeeding. This article explains how you’ll produce breastmilk, what colostrum is and how your breastmilk adapts and changes.

Breastfeeding mother

Breastfeeding: my baby's feeding patterns have changed

What can you do if your newborn baby’s feeding patterns suddenly change? Information on what it might mean if your baby is feeding more or less or refusing the breast.