NCT Early Days (Postnatal) Courses: Attending an Early Days course will help you find your feet as a mother and give you the confidence to parent your baby in the way that you feel is right for you and your family. You will be encouraged to share ideas and experiences and help others to do the same so that you can support each other as you learn more about your skills as a parent.  Issues covered include expectations and the reality of parenthood, ideas for settling a crying baby, getting the most out of the day and returning to work (or not).  Can be attended from 6 weeks and up to when your baby is 6 months old. For more information and to book contact

NCT Introducing Solids (Weaning) Workshops: Looking for help with weaning? Being a parent for the first time can bring joy but also fresh challenges too. NCT can offer you support to cope confidently with the transition from milk to solid foods with local Introducing Solids (weaning) workshops.  NCT Introducing Solids workshops explore topics such as when to start weaning, purees and baby-led weaning, and what foods to avoid.  They are suitable for babies between 3 – 6 months old. For more information and to book contact

NCT Baby Massage: Baby Massage is designed to build your confidence and understanding of this relaxation technique.You will learn a sequence of baby massage strokes that you can use at home or out and about, to suit you and your baby.This course is suitable for babies and their parents or carers from 6 weeks old up until the baby is crawling at around 9 months.So come along, and join our small interactive sessions run by friendly trained facilitators. For more information and to book contact


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