Early Days Course

Parenting can be challenging. It may not be at all as you expect, and can feel confusing and isolating.

Most parents question whether they are doing “the right thing”, especially when there is so much parenting information and advice around.

But talking to other parents you realise that many of your concerns and feelings are shared and that you are a “normal” parent.

On an Early Days Course you can discuss these issues;  many parents find this is the beginning of a supportive group of friends you will belong to for years.

What is an Early Days Course?

Typically, 6-8 mums meet weekly for a couple of hours for 6 weeks.  During this time you have the opportunity to share your experiences of motherhood with other mums in a safe and confidential setting. You will be guided in discussing topics using different activities.

The sessions are informal and relaxed and much needed teas, coffees and biscuits are supplied.

 Of course the babies are welcome and play a big part in the group.  They need feeding, changing and amusing while you participate in the discussions, so they can’t be ignored! By the end of the course it is hoped that you will have formed friendships and will want to go on meeting and supporting each other on your journeys of motherhood.

 The course content is broad but can be tailored by group members.  Unlike many postnatal and antenatal courses this course is not ‘taught’ and is not purely about information giving.  It is about discussing your options and feelings about an issue and making sense of the new role you have as a mother. You will probably find that your questions are answered naturally by others in the group.

What will we talk about?

Typical discussion topics are:

Postnatal Emotions; Back to Normal?; Changes; Coping with sleeping and crying; Parenting Styles and routines; Dealing with advice; Talking about the birth and the early days; Relationships; Feeding and weaning; Balancing needs; Returning to work; Childcare options; Going out with your baby; Time for me? . . . . and more!


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These courses take place in Leamington Spa. To find out more, email bookings6e@nct.org.uk or call 0208 752 9132


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