Many mums and some dads suffer from a low mood after the birth of their baby and, for some, this may become postnatal depression (PND). The NCT provides information about PND and the various ways to get help with feeling better and the NCT Postnatal or Shared Experiences helplines may also be a good source of support. In addition, a Yahoo group has recently been set up to offer informal support for people who are going through postnatal depression.  or send an email to

More locally, the York branch runs Early Days (Postnatal) courses and breastfeeding counselling (counsellors are trained to support all manner of early days issues not just breastfeeding). And of course your local group can act as a great source of support and friendship.

Not NCT-related, but there is a Facebook support network covering our area which may be of help, while several of the following national organisations provide lots of information and many have their own telephone helplines.

Partners, friends or family members of someone suffering PND can also find information and support  on the web.

Depression during pregnancy can be hard to recognise and accept. Find out more about the symptoms and treatment of antenatal depression.

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