After your baby has arrived, if you find that you need a bit of help, some advice, or perhaps even a shoulder to lean on, maybe we can be there for you.  We would like to reach all new mums to see if they need any support and if they would like any information about any postnatal groups.

Early Days Phone Line

If you have any questions about life with a new baby you can call the NCT Support line to speak to a postnatal leader.  Call 0300 330 0700 and select Option 1.

Parent-to-Parent Support

You can get parent-to-parent support from other parents on the NCT HealthUnlocked Community.


We have a number of breastfeeding counsellors based around the Berkshire area. They have extensive knowledge and experience of breastfeeding success, issues and problems. They are ready to listen to you, support and help you and are happy to talk over the phone, or visit you at home if you need or want them to.

Our breastfeeding counsellors are trained for 2 years with the NCT and are constantly updated with developments in their field. Their service is free and confidential.  Contact the NCT Support line on 0300 330 0700, or email for details of local support.

A Social Life!

Some mums are lucky enough to have a ready made circle of friends from an antenatal group or through midwife led groups, if you are one of the many mums who might be feeling a bit isolated after the birth of your baby, the NCT can help with your social life too!

We run Cafe Bambino (at Cafe Estro, Debenhams in Newbury) for those with bumps and/or babies under one year (and older siblings). Any other groups that start up will be announced in our Facebook group.

NCT Relax and Stretch with Baby

Jude Buckell, an experienced and qualified Antenatal Teacher and Relax and Stretch with Baby Leader, runs these classes. With two young children of her own she recognises the importance of finding space in your busy life for relaxation and toning exercise without compromising your time with your baby.

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