Our postnatal tea groups help introduce new mothers to others living close by.  An 'introductory' meet up is hosted by a volunteer who is a local mum.  The venue can be their home, a cafe or other suitable location.  Subsequent meet-ups are then arranged amongst the members of the tea group on their own.

These informal gatherings are a great chance to chat to other local parents with babies of similar ages to you. The groups are set up when your baby is between 3 - 12 weeks old, and combine two monthly due dates e.g. Jan+Feb, Mar+Apr etc. They are organised by local postcode and are deliberately kept small, between 6-8 parents, to help the groups meet regularly in local cafes, parks or each others homes, and therefore bond quickly.

Our tea group postcode areas are:

  • EC1+WC1
  • N1
  • N4+N5
  • N7
  • N19

Invites are automatically sent out via email to all Islington parents who have contacted the NCT, however if you haven't heard from us by the time your baby is born please contact us on teagroups_inct@yahoo.co.uk with your details (baby's birthdate, postcode area, phone number). 

Please note that these get togethers are not "drop ins" and a reply to an invitation would be appreciated!

BECOME A HOST.  We are always delighted to welcome new volunteers.  The tea groups would not happen without someone to host them.  If you have been to a group and found it to be a useful resource, or simply want to meet other parents in your area, please get in touch with our tea group coordinator via teagroups_inct@yahoo.co.uk.  





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