Week 15


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Pregnancy week 15

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You are now fifteen weeks pregnant and your baby has been growing lots over the last few weeks. This week your baby will start to grow a soft layer of hair called ‘lanugo’ all over their body. As well as this layer of hair they will be growing their eyebrows and eyelashes. If your baby is a girl her ovaries will be in place and contain all of her eggs. However, it won’t be possible to tell the sex of your baby for a few weeks yet.

Anytime from now you will find your tummy feeling tighter as your bump begins to grow. When you begin to show, and how big your bump will be varies greatly from woman to woman, but from 15 weeks pregnant it’s quite possible your body will begin to show changes.

A common symptom of pregnancy is bleeding gums, especially during your second trimester. This is because the pregnancy hormone progesterone in your body may cause your gums to become swollen and tender, making them more suseptible to bleeding when brushing and flossing. Don’t forget that mums-to-be are entitled to free NHS dental treatment so it’s a good idea to go for a check up at your dentist.

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