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Pregnancy week 28

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, you are at the start of the third trimester. You may experience some pregnancy symptoms including abdominal pain and heart burn.

Week by week stages of pregnancy: week 28

Now you are 28 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 37cm long and weighs about 900 grams. They are able to blink and does so in response to external sound. They move their eyes as if to see something, possibly recognising light and dark from outside the uterus. They will also blink rapidly (Rapid Eye Movement) indicating that they are dreaming. 

At week 28 of pregnancy you are starting your third trimester. This is the final trimester before labour and birth. You may start noticing different pregnancy symptoms you haven’t experienced before such as heartburn, constipation, nose bleeds, back pain, itchy skin and pain in your abdominal muscles. During pregnancy fluid retention brought about by hormonal factors can cause swollen ankles and joints and carpal tunnel syndrome. These are perfectly normal niggles and discomforts of pregnancy and can usually be home remedied. Although it is often not the case it is important to be aware that some of these symptoms can be a sign of something more serious: itchy skin can be a sign of obstetric cholestasis and swollen ankles can mean pre-eclampsia, both serious conditions. If you are in any doubt or are concerned, seek medical advice immediately by calling your GP surgery or NHS 111.

Now you are entering your third trimester you may want to start preparing your house for your new arrival and start shopping for all the things your new baby will need.  This is the fun part so take your time to enjoy it. On a tight budget? Why not check out your local Nearly New Sale, they are the perfect solution if you need to pick up a few bargains. You can buy top-quality baby and children’s clothes and equipment at bargain prices!

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