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Pregnancy week two

You are most likely to have conceived at 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy. Find out more about week two of your pregnancy here.

In what is counted as week two of your pregnancy you are still not pregnant. Your body is going through ovulation.  The egg (or sometimes eggs) that will be fertilised are maturing in your ovaries at (what is considered to be) 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy. The egg is released and begins its journey down the fallopian tube towards your uterus, where it will meet with sperm and be fertilised.

In most women this is the most fertile part of your cycle. If you are trying to conceive, around two weeks into your cycle is the best time to have sex.  However not everyone does ovulate in mid-cycle. It may be better to have sex when you feel inclined as this is likely to be the right time for your body.  You can, if you wish, get to know your body and predict ovulation by a number of methods including commercially available ovulation predictors. There is a 0.5 degree Celsius increase in your body temperature during ovulation which you can test using a thermometer.

Pregnancy symptoms at 2 weeks

You will not experience pregnancy symptoms until after the egg has been fertilised.  However, you may feel a slight pain in your lower abdomen on one side or the other, from your ovary, or experience slight bleeding associated with ovulation.

You will be considered to be two weeks pregnant at this point, if it later transpires that the egg was fertilised, as it has been 14 days since the start of your last period (see the due date calculator to find out more). Your baby will normally be conceived at the end of week two or beginning of week three of being pregnant.

Further help and information

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