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Pregnancy week four

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By week four of pregnancy the blastocyst is now properly embedded into the uterus lining. The blastocyst will divide, some of it will become the placenta and some will become the embryo. The beginnings of the umbilical cord will start to form too.

It has been four weeks since your last period and it would usually be time for your next one. As the chemical signals have been sent to prevent ovulation and your body starts to release human chorionic gonadotrophin (hcg) you will miss your period. This is the first time you will notice you are pregnant. You can do a pregnancy test as soon as your period becomes overdue. These are available from supermarkets and pharmacists, and work by checking your urine for the pregnancy hormone.

You are now four weeks pregnant.

In pregnancy week four you may start to develop more symptoms of pregnancy, which include:

- Feeling heavy in lower abdomen
- Mild, period-like cramps which come and go
- An acute sense of smell
- A metallic taste in your mouth
- You may find you suddenly go off things or developing cravings for others. Often coffee becomes disliked
- Feeling very tired
- Sickness
- Needing the toilet more often.

Over the next couple of weeks, great developments will happen in your womb as your embryo begins to develop. Find out more about your embryo’s journey in week five of pregnancy.

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