Midwives and healthcare professionals

If you are wondering 'what is a midwife?', read this article to find out more about midwifery and the role of midwives in providing antenatal care.
Information about healthcare professionals who will provide antenatal care during your pregnancy and labour, as well as your early days as a parent.
Your main provider of antenatal care as well as postnatal care will be your midwife. Read on to learn more about midwifery, the pregnancy care you can receive, midwife...
This article discusses continuity of care in pregnancy and how one to one midwife led care and caseload midwifery can improve your safety and your personal experience.
Find out about your maternity notes and pregnancy care; what do the abbreviations on your medical notes mean about you and your baby?
What are independent midwives and how do they provide pregnancy care, support in birth and assistance in the early days? Discover their role and relationships with the NHS.
Read to find out more about the services that can be provided by a doula, UK based doula support and possible costs.