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Pregnancy discomforts

Severe pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

Which pregnancy symptoms should you talk to your midwife or GP about? This article looks at problems in pregnancy and the symptoms you should watch out for.

Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PGP) in pregnancy

Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) is common in pregnancy. Read about minimising the discomfort of pelvic, hip and back pain in pregnancy and treatment.

Leg cramps during pregnancy

Many women suffer with leg cramps during pregnancy. This article contains information on treating and preventing leg cramps in pregnancy and more.

Constipation in pregnancy, haemorrhoids and anal fissures

Constipation in pregnancy can cause (piles), and anal fissures. Read for information on treating and preventing these conditions.

Heartburn and indigestion in pregnancy

Heartburn and indigestion are common conditions in pregnancy. There are a number of causes and ways to ease the symptoms.

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)

What are the signs and symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)? Here we look at how women can find support and treatment.

What is HELLP Syndrome?

We look at the signs and symptoms of HELLP Syndrome and why early diagnosis and treatment is so important for pregnant women.

Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy

We look at the signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia and why it’s important to be able to spot this condition early.

Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy

Carpal tunnel syndrome can sometimes occur during pregnancy. Read below for more information on the signs of the condition and forms of treatment.

Sex during pregnancy: questions and concerns

Read for answers to questions about sex during pregnancy including: will sex hurt my baby, what does pregnant sex feel like and going off sex in pregnancy.

Itching during pregnancy

Itching in pregnancy can be caused by your skin stretching. Here we discuss how to relieve itching during pregnancy and when severe itching may indicate a more serious condition.

Endometriosis and pregnancy

Learn about endometriosis and pregnancy including information on getting pregnant when you have the condition.