Beat the spending cuts at your local NCT Nearly New Sale

Released on: 28 April 2011

As many families prepare to tighten their belts in the wake of the Comprehensive Spending Review, NCT’s Nearly New Sales offer new and expectant parents a financial lifeline, with an alternative to forking out for brand new baby products.

With VAT rising to 20% this month, child benefit payments frozen for three years, housing benefits capped and child tax credits cut, many families will bear the brunt of the changes 2011 will bring. But in the tough economic climate, NCT’s popular Nearly New Sales provide a haven for cash-strapped parents.

The Sales also provide an opportunity to make money from selling baby clothes and equipment families no longer need. Goods must be in excellent condition and sellers will keep up to 70% of the proceeds from the sale. The rest will be returned to NCT to help fund its vital services.

By visiting their local NCT Nearly New Sale, parents can kit out their kids for less than high street prices or save a fortune on preparing for the arrival of their new baby.

After attending her first Sale, new mum Karen Carmichael from Newcastle said: “We were worried about how we would afford everything we needed for our first baby, but we focused on getting a few key items, such as a moses basket and buggy, and managed to save loads. It was great fun hunting for the best deals, too!”

The Sales are not exclusively for NCT members, they are open to everyone whether buying, selling or both! On average, parents spend £27.25 at a Sale, which could buy a range of items such as bedding, clothes, a changing station or high chair. With average Sale prices being a third of full price goods on the high street, a family can expect to save around £54.50.

Timothy Todhunter, Branch Fundraising Manager says: “With VAT rising and other benefits being cut, NCT Nearly New Sales are a win-win situation for families. Parents with surplus baby goods can sell them to make some extra cash, while mums and dads-to-be tightening the purse strings can find great bargains while funding NCT’s vital charity work across the UK.”

Last year, more than 200,000 parents attended an NCT Nearly New Sale, raising more than £1 million for the charity. More than 600 Sales were held across the UK, with 50,000 parents selling over 1 million items. In addition, every item bought from an NCT Nearly New Sale is an item which isn’t going to landfill.

For details of your nearest NCT Nearly New Sale, sponsored by Comfort Pure and Persil Non-Bio, visit or call NCT Enquiries on 0300 330 0770.

Funds raised for NCT from Nearly New Sales go to supporting parents through: providing evidence-based information; national helplines; local services such as breastfeeding and coffee mornings; subsidised or free antenatal and postnatal classes for vulnerable people; training antenatal and postnatal teachers and campaigns to improve maternity services and support for parents in the workplace.