Free classes for parents

Released on: 28 March 2012

The Government has announced plans to deliver free classes for parents in three areas of the country from this spring. NCT is among the organisations which will be delivering the classes from this spring.
The trials will take place in Camden in London, Middlesbrough and High Peak in Derbyshire. Over the next two years, all mothers and fathers in the trial areas with children aged five and under will be entitled to a voucher covering the cost of a programme of classes for parents.

Belinda Phipps, Chief Executive of NCT, the UK’s largest charity for parents, said:

“We are delighted to be involved in this trial, as supporting parents to feel more confident in their role is at the heart of what NCT stands for. We believe a child’s early years and the influence of their parents make a huge difference to their future and the society they help to shape.

“Many new mums and dads feel being a parent should come to them naturally, and it does, but support in the early weeks, months and years can help enhance the learning process – not to mention making it more fun, as you meet other people starting out on the same journey to share it with. What mums and dads have told us over the decades is that being a parent can bring challenges and changes as well as excitement and fulfilment, and that’s the reason NCT is here.

“Over the past 55 years we have supported millions of couples through their journey to becoming a parent, and have been instrumental in helping dads, as well as mums, play a key role in early family life.

“NCT will deliver courses in the three trial areas both face-to-face and online, including baby specific courses for parents with children aged under six months.”