Gift to Whittington Hospital will benefit women and families

Released on: 26 April 2011

Today, Emily Thornberry MP donated a birthing couch as a gift to the maternity unit at Whittington Hospital to help support local mums in North London who are to give birth there.


Hundreds of women will now benefit from the innovative Bradbury Birthing Couch, which is designed to provide comfort and complete freedom of movement for women who want an active birth.


Last year, a campaign against the closure of Whittington Hospital maternity services and A&E saw thousands of people take to the streets in protest. Emily Thornberry had campaigned tirelessly to save the maternity unit from potential closure. The unit at Whittington hospital in North London is now due to remain open. 


The birthing couch was presented to Emily Thornberry MP last year by NCT, the UK’s largest parenting charity, in recognition of her work as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Maternity (APPGM). 


The APPGM, which is serviced by the NCT charity, is a cross-party group whose aim is to highlight maternity issues within Parliament and bring together health professionals and service users with politicians.  


Emily Thornberry MP, says; “I’m very proud to be able to present this excellent birthing couch to the maternity unit at Whittington Hospital. Now that the unit is to remain open, after everyone’s hard work, local women will be able to benefit from its use all year round.”


Andrew Sharp, NCT’s Senior Political Advisor said; “We are delighted the Bradbury birthing couch has found a home at Whittington Hospital. As chair of the APPGM, Emily Thornberry worked continuously to improve maternity services for women and families, and we were only too pleased to present her with the birthing couch in recognition of all her hard work. The birthing couch, sold through NCT Professional Shop, has been a real success with midwives and women who’ve used it. ”


NCT is the UK’s largest parenting charity. Each year the charity supports hundreds of thousands of parents through a life-changing experience, offering expert information and trusted practical and emotional support. 


NCT Professional Shop sells a range of tried and tested products for midwives and health professionals, including the Bradbury birthing couch. For more information visit