NCT response: Budget March 2010

Released on: 20 July 2011

The Government has today announced an increase in child tax credit by £4 a week from 2012.
The NCT has known for decades that by supporting mothers and fathers to become the best parent they can be, we are also supporting the best start in life for children. Even though the charity is pleased with the increase, the Chancellor could have taken further measures in other areas to support families.

NCT’s Chief Executive, Belinda Phipps said: 


“We are pleased that the Government is trying to help families, and the increase in the new child tax credit is to be welcomed, but we would like to see more help for parents with a new baby.


“The NCT wants both mothers and fathers to be able to provide the caring and emotional support their children need. We would therefore like to see increased maternity and paternity payments.  Such a commitment to help parents now would benefit them and their children in the long term.”