NCT response to Health and Social Care Committee's report on stillbirths in Wales

Released on: 27 February 2013

On 27 February, The Health and Social Care Committee reported the findings of its inquiry into stillbirths in Wales

Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser of parent charity NCT said:

“We welcomed the Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry into stillbirths in Wales and support its recommendations.

“The report highlights that the stillbirth rate in Wales has remained high for 25 years and that stillbirth is 10 times more common than cot death. The 2010 All Wales Perinatal Survey showed that the cause of over 40% of stillbirths were unexplained. This is a significant proportion and we urge the Welsh Government to commission research into its underlying causes to help aid prevention.

“As well as research, high quality midwifery services, timely referral systems, a network of support and information for expectant parents, and continuity of care is needed.”

Cardiff-based NCT antenatal teacher Marilyn Wills said:

“I would echo the important message that all expectant parents have a right to have better information from maternity care providers about stillbirth at an appropriate time in their pregnancy. In addition, a clear need for public health messages has been identified.”