NCT Response: Medical Research Council report on breastfeeding and infant temperament

Released on: 11 January 2012

The Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit has today published a study examining the relationship between breastfeeding and mothers’ ratings of their baby’s temperament at age three months.
Rosie Dodds, Senior Policy Adviser at NCT, the UK’s largest charity for parents, said:
“Mothers and babies may experience starting to breastfeed as demanding or stressful in this society where bottle feeding is seen as the norm and breastfeeding is unfamiliar to many new parents. It would be interesting to compare this with countries where almost all babies are breastfed. We often hear from mothers who say that once both they and their baby got the hang of it, breastfeeding was a breeze.
“NCT provides information and support through groups, one-to-one help, our telephone line and website. We have consistently called for more support for new parents and for breastfeeding from governments, local authorities, health services, friends, family and employers.”