NCT response to news story about baby formula shortages

Released on: 08 April 2013

On Monday 8 April 2013, The Financial Times carried a front-page article about rationing of baby formula in UK supermarkets, which they say is due to rising Chinese demand and imports.

NCT Chief Executive Belinda Phipps said:

“NCT is here to help. We know some parents may have formula milk they no longer need as their baby has moved on. So long as this product remains within safety dates, it can still be used, so we’re encouraging people to make contact through their NCT branch or social network and see if they can benefit other local parents by sharing.

“Babies may prefer a specific brand but all infant formulas by law have to have specific contents, and it can be worthwhile trying others as there’s usually another they will accept. For mums that are partially-breastfeeding, our trained breastfeeding counsellors can give advice on increasing milk supply, and for those that have stopped, restarting - although that is more difficult.  Our helpline number is 0300 330 0700. 

“This unfortunate situation, creating a lot of anxiety for new parents, stresses the need for manufacturers to maintain supply of their products in appropriate quantity and quality.

“Most women want to breastfeed and need the best quality information and support in order to do so for as long as they choose.”

For more information on what to do when formula milk supply is limited, see here