NCT response: RCM YouGov Poll

Released on: 20 July 2011

The Royal College of Midwives has released the results of their YouGov poll of public attitudes to maternity spending in England. The results show that two-thirds of the English public are against spending cuts for maternity services. A clear majority agree that maternity services are not receiving enough funding and that there are not enough midwives. The participants were all adults and 1755 responded to the survey.

Belinda Phipps, Chief Executive, NCT, says;


“The English public has spoken out for women and midwives. With an election round the corner and ‘cuts’ becoming the new buzzword, the English public given a clear ‘no’ to any potential cuts to maternity services.


There needs to be targeted funding for maternity services with the number of midwives keeping pace with the rising birth rate. In Maternity Matters, the Government committed to a guaranteed choice of place of birth for all women in England. The NCT report Location, location, location ( reveals that while significant progress has been made maternity services are a long way from reaching this milestone. Having adequate funding and sufficient midwifery support is essential to choice being delivered.  


Maternity Matters also commits to women having one-to-one midwifery care throughout their labour and birth. This is particularly important in helping women to have a satisfying birth experience with less call for intervention allowing them to begin their life as a parent feeling confident and prepared.  


Maternity services are improving and the English public has shown its support for them to continue to be able to do so.