NCT's response to new childcare scheme for two year olds

Released on: 02 September 2013

As of next year, the number of two-year-olds entitled to free childcare will double. Families on less than £16,190 a year on working tax credits will be eligible as it is extended to 260,000 children.

NCT Senior Policy Adviser, Elizabeth Duff said: 

“For many parents this new initiative will be well received both as an introduction to early education for young children and a welcome time in the week where they can access childcare without high costs. However for those with children under two there remains a gap in supportive services. Childcare is expensive and for those who need to return to the labour market after a break, similar provision would help parents to seek new employment or re-training opportunities.

“NCT is urging the government to take action to support parents with younger children, especially those in a low-income household.”