New report shows cow’s milk healthier and cheaper than toddlers milk

Released on: 21 August 2013

New Which? research has revealed that some toddler milks contain more sugar and less calcium than cow's milk. Parents could save more than £500 a year by giving their child cow's milk instead of toddler milk.

Rosemary Dodds, Senior NCT Policy Advisor said:
“Toddlers don’t need these expensive milks; they are an advertising gimmick and are poorly regulated.  They have a higher sugar content and less calcium than cow’s milk and often make misleading health claims, for example the Advertising Standards Agency have told SMA not to use the claim ‘best infant milk’. 

“In addition to concerns raised by Which?, there is also some evidence that giving too much iron to toddlers who do not need it increases their risk of some illnesses. Parents can put the £100 to £500 a year they save by buying cow’s milk towards other essentials, such as childcare and clothing. Given the high cost of raising children, every bit of savings counts.”