New research indicates that UK commercial baby foods aren't meeting infants’ dietary weaning needs

Released on: 10 September 2013

New research published online in Archives of Disease in Childhood indicates that UK commercial baby foods don’t meet infants’ dietary weaning needs, because they are predominantly sweet foods that provide little extra nutritional goodness over breast milk

In response to this, NCT’s Senior Policy Adviser Elizabeth Duff said:

“Many parents find that jars of baby food can be quick and convenient when you are out and about, but this new research shows that parents are potentially being misled about the health benefits.  

“Babies do not need solid foods before about 6 months; these products are no more nutritious than milk and far more expensive than food made at home, so this up-to-date research will be welcome news for those parents who are in doubt.

“It is time baby food manufacturers stopped confusing parents by labelling their products as suitable from four months.”