New research on maternity services for women in Scotland released

Released on: 28 January 2014

A survey of new mothers in Scotland has found high overall ratings for the maternity care they experienced, but continuity of care is still lacking.

Senior Policy Adviser, Elizabeth Duff said:

“It is encouraging to see such a high proportion of women receiving ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ postnatal care in Scotland, but the findings highlight the need for better continuity of care. 

“Scotland’s maternity policy confirms that ‘all women have 1:1 care from a midwife when in established labour’, yet 25% of women reported they were left alone during labour. A lack of midwifery presence can lead to problems around the birth. It is notable that, while many women were able to choose comfortable positions, 31% gave birth with their legs in stirrups – in many cases unnecessarily.

“It is disappointing that 44% of women said they did not get enough information to help them decide where to have their baby. Out-of–hospital births can be a positive experience and a cost-effective option, yet only 23% said they were given the choice of a midwife-led unit or birth centre, and just 25% offered the choice of home birth. This could mean these services are not accessible to women.”


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