New survey suggests over a quarter of mothers feel discriminated against at work

Released on: 08 August 2013

A new survey for legal firm Slater & Gordon, carried out by OnePoll, reveals that more than a quarter of mothers in the UK feel discriminated against at work. Out of the 1,975 women that were questioned, a third said they found it impossible to climb the career ladder and 54% said their employer could do more to support working mums.

In response to this, NCT said:

“It is shocking to see so many parents being treated unfairly by their employer. In this day and age it's unacceptable that women still have to choose between having a baby and having a career, yet without proper support from employers, for too many this is the reality.

“Forward thinking employers realised long ago that supporting parents increases productivity and avoids the loss of skilled and experienced staff.  It's about time the rest of UK business joined the 21st century.”