Non-invasive Prenatal Testing to become primary screening method for chromosomal abnormalities

Released on: 04 March 2014

New paper published by RCOG reports that a new, non-invasive Prenatal Testing is likely to become a primary screening method for chromosomal abnormalities in pregnancy and could greatly reduce invasive testing and associated risks.

Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser, NCT said:

 “The potential for new and, above all, non-invasive approaches to screening is an encouraging step forward. It is vital however that these tests remain an option for parents-to-be, and that they are kept well informed of their right to refuse if they wish.

“Whatever the result, it should never be assumed by health professionals that expectant parents will decide on a particular course of action; the decision is theirs and should be respected and supported. Personalised support and an ongoing relationship with a skilled midwife are particularly important for women in this situation.”