York Hospital to replace antenatal lessons with virtual classes

Released on: 24 September 2013

York Hospital is becoming the first in the country to replace antenatal lessons with “virtual classes” for expectant mothers to watch online.

Policy Adviser, NCT, Elizabeth Duff said: 

“NCT is disappointed to see that parents-to-be in York won’t be getting access to face-to-face antenatal courses. There is currently no evidence to show that online antenatal courses can substitute adequately for those that enable dialogue and group work, so replacing the courses with an online service could put parents at a real disadvantage.

“Antenatal education is not just about giving parent’s information but the support you get from the people that you meet. Being able to ask and answer questions and share common concerns and interests is an integral part of the whole process. It gives parents confidence to make their own decisions for labour and birth. 

“We understand that for some parents finding spare time can be a challenge, but we don’t want to see the courses currently offered being replaced entirely. Courses should cater to the different needs of parents instead of being stopped altogether.”