This list has been compiled to help you to find information and resources relevant to working with BME groups. . Click on the links to access or take you to further information about the resources.

Resources for working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

* Information & Resources on Entitlement to NHS Care (Maternity Action)

* Maternity Action rights-based leaflets (Maternity Action)

* Medact Online Refugee Health Network (Medact)

* Mothers in exile: Maternity experiences of asylum seekers in England (Maternity Action)

* Meeting the health needs of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: an information and resource pack for health workers (NHS)

* Mothers in exile (Women’s Health Matters)

* Health for Asylum Seekers & Refugees Portal (HARP)

* Information Centre about Asylum & Refugees (ICAR)

* Department of Health Asylum Seekers & Refugees Page (Department of Health)

* The Integration of Refugees – Positive Practice for Health Professionals (Home Office)

* Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants in 11 European Countries (Doctors of the World)

Resources for parents who speak little or no English

* Free Medact Online Breaking Down the Barriers training course (Medact)

* Now we’re talking: Interpreting guidelines for staff of NHS Scotland (Health Scotland)

A list of multilingual resources that are available in various community languages from other organisations has been compiled by NCT to support work with parents who speak little or no English, available here.