This list has been compiled to help you find information and resources relevant to supporting dads. Click on the links to access or take you to further information about the resources. Please note that NCT has not evaluated the quality of resources by other organisations, so does not necessarily endorse them.

Resources for working with dads

Dads2b: A resource for professionals providing antenatal education and support to fathers

NCT Resources specifically for Dads - including:

Dad’s View: Early days with your baby - Online booklet

Involving Fathers: Three point check

Involving Fathers in Maternity Care (NCT Policy Briefing)

The Fatherhood Institute

Various Fatherhood Institute resources

Various Fathers Plus resources

Understanding the Vital Role of Fathers Leaflet (by Understanding Childhood)

New Father or about to become one? Booklet (Working With Men)

Hello Dad DVD (Good Beginnings) - Available to Purchase

Being Dad DVD (Being Dad) - Available to Purchase

Resources for working with young dads

A list of resources available specifically for working with young dads is available in a list of resources about working with young parents here.

Resources for working with dads from Black and ethnic minority communities

Fathers posters (Fatherhood Institute) - a set of five posters with pictures and messages such as ‘welcome’ and ‘every dad is important’ in a variety of languages, to welcome fathers and make services more inclusive.

Dad Information Cards (Dad’s Info) Credit card-sized, fold-out cards which provide detailed information for expectant fathers from the following ethnic or cultural backgrounds and languages: Afro-Caribbean (written in English), Muslim (in English or Somali), Polish (in Polish), West African (French Speaking), Bengali.

A list of other multilingual resources that are available in various community languages from other organisations has been compiled by NCT to support you to work with parents who speak little or no English, available here.

A list of other resources for working with parents from Black and ethnic minority communities is available here.