Parents in rural areas can feel particularly isolated, a feeling exacerbated by a lack of local services and public transport. NCT are committed to supporting parents in these areas.

Approximately 1/5th of the population of the UK and 1/3rd of the population of Scotland live in remote and rural areas.  Parents in these areas often experience difficulties accessing maternity services and receiving appropriate, informed care and choices.  These areas have been affected by the withdrawal of local maternity services as populations decline and obstetric and neonatal services have become increasingly centralized. This has left many pregnant women experiencing a perceived lack of choice of place of birth, and many feel they have to trade more personal, midwife-led care for care in consultant units (Pitchforth et al 2009; Tucker et al 2005).

NCT are committed to supporting the needs of parents living in rural areas.  In this section you will find  NCT publications and other articles about work to help support parents living in remote and rural areas. You will also find general resources produced by NCT and links to resources produced by other organisations to support these parents through the transition to parenthood.