NCT provides services tailored to the needs of parents who are refugees or asylum seekers. We aim to empower parents and help them to access maternity and children's centre services and to create a network through which they can support each other.

For refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants accessing health care services including maternity services can be particularly problematic. Key barriers to access include language and communication, inadequate information about services, poor cultural awareness amongst staff and no access to public funds. Many women face severe deprivation and lack social networks and emotional support and feel extremely isolated.

NCT are engaged in providing services designed to meet the needs of parents who are refugees and asylum seekers. Providing a safe environment is key to supporting these parents - an environment in which where parents can share their hopes, fears and feelings about pregnancy, birth, early parenthood, and more immediate issues such as housing, food, clothing and coping with feelings of isolation.

In this section you will find good practice case studies and NCT publications and articles about our work with refugees and asylum seekers. You will also find general resources produced by NCT and links to resources produced by other organisations to support these parents through the transition to parenthood. Tips and guidance on using multilingual information to support work with different groups is available.