Support within a safe environment is key to engaging parents who are refugees and asylum seekers. Many of these parents will have little or no English, may lack social networks and emotional support and can feel extremely isolated.

To work effectively with parents who are refugees or asylum seekers it helps to:

  • Create a safe environment where parents feel respected and valued.
  • Use a good range of culturally appropriate and inclusive visual aids to share information.
  • Signpost parents to relevant maternity and children's centre services where they can access further support.
  • Work alongside community groups, voluntary organisations and midwives to help build up services.

In this section you can read good practice case studies and related articles about NCT's work to support parents who are refugees and asylum seekers. Case studies about innovative services include:

Little Ducks provides essential baby equipment to refugees and other destitute families in North Staffordshire.

Supporting low income familes and asylum seekers for birth and postnatal life in Leeds - a highly successful service bringing parents from different cultures together to offer mutual support.