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NCT Perspective: preparing parents for birth and the transition to parenthood 

Perspective is NCT’s FREE quarterly journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood. It covers research, policy and service development relating to a wide range of topics including pregnancy, preparation for labour and birth, infant feeding and the transitition to parenthood for mums and dads with a baby or toddler. It promotes and shares the expertise and participative approach of NCT practitioners, as well as the work of health professionals, service user representatives and community volunteers.

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NCT Perspective: September 2017 - Preterm birth and widening support 

The September 2017 issue of Perspective focuses mainly on the topic of babies born early.

One in 12 babies is born preterm, and may require specialist care, which can often involve long stays in hospital. We see some of the likely causes and risk factors for preterm birth, and new research into improving both care for the baby and the experiences of parents, with NCT as a key partner.

We also share ideas from NCT tutors on how practitioners can develop engaging and effective sessions with parents, and enhance the working relationship between practitioners and assessors.

NCT is highlighting the importance of the six-week postnatal check for seeing which mums need special emotional and mental health support (#HiddenHalf). We are also extending reach to new parents through supporting mothers who are refugees and asylum seekers, and a partnership to develop new digital support.