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NCT Perspective: preparing parents for birth and the transition to parenthood

Perspective is NCT’s FREE quarterly journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood. It covers research, policy and service development relating to a wide range of topics including pregnancy, preparation for labour and birth, infant feeding and the transitition to parenthood for mums and dads with a baby or toddler. It promotes and shares the expertise and participative approach of NCT practitioners, as well as the work of health professionals, service user representatives and community volunteers.

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Perspective, March 2017 

The March 2017 issue of Perspective looks at the sensitive issue of breastfeeding and tooth decay in infants, with the experiences of mums talking with dentists about breastfeeding, a review of evidence, and the perspective of a consultant paediatric dentist. 

Other highlights include the experiences of lesbian co-mothers upon becoming parents, and the possibility for mums who have not given birth to breastfeed. We also look at therapies that help build the relationship between babies and parents, the question of what language to use with parents and carers, feedback from parents about their first antenatal session, and training opportunities.

Working with parents

• Words that empower, by Kathryn Kelly

• Relactation and induced lactation, by Marianne Kaufmann

• Supporting the parent-infant relationship through Video Interactive Guidance, by Deborah James

• Helping parents and carers with Parent-Infant Psychotherapy, by Ailsa Lamont and Jinny Sumner

Service development and policy

• World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative, UK, by Patricia Wise

• The first session – what do parents tell us? by Helen Allmark

Evidence made easy

• Mothers’ experiences of talking with dentists about breastfeeding, by Hannah Lynes

• Breastfeeding and dental health, by Joanna Doherty

• Treating children with decayed teeth: a dentist’s point of view, by Claire Stevens


• Promoting positive parent-infant relationships, by Annie Raff

• What issues do lesbian co-mothers face in their transition to parenthood, by Katherine Walker

Training opportunities

• Become an NCT supervisor, by Ann Parker

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