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NCT Perspective: preparing parents for birth and the transition to parenthood

Perspective is NCT’s FREE quarterly journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood. It covers research, policy and service development relating to a wide range of topics including pregnancy, preparation for labour and birth, infant feeding and the transitition to parenthood for mums and dads with a baby or toddler. It promotes and shares the expertise and participative approach of NCT practitioners, as well as the work of health professionals, service user representatives and community volunteers.

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NCT Perspective: June 2017 - supporting parents through stillbirth and other unexpected outcomes 

Sadly, although involving only affecting a minority of
 pregnancies, stillbirth and neonatal 
deaths are devastating for parents and families. With 15 babies dying every day in the UK due to stillbirth and neonatal death, enormous efforts are going into promoting safer pregnancies, and to improve care for bereaved parents. We look at the impact of stillbirth on parents, and the support that practitioners can provide, as well as taking care of their own needs. We feature tips on how practitioners can discuss stillbirth with parents, and initiatives to reduce stillbirth risk. New research is making it a priority to listen to the views of parents for the improvement of bereavement care. We also cover examples of antenatal classes designed especially for parents expecting another baby after a stillbirth, or following a previously traumatic birth. These are providing an important space in which parents can share their experiences and receive the support they need. Plus a look at the uncertainty around the effects of environmental pollutants known as endocrine disrupting chemicals. Do get in touch if you would like to share your experiences.


Rachel Cox and the ‘Pregnant Again’ antenatal class

Working with Parents

Supporting parents through stillbirth, by Linda Gustard

Supporting parents after the death of a baby: information for practitioners, by Sam Havis

Supporting parents after trauma, by Eleanor Molloy

Service Development & Policy

15 babies a day: raising awareness about stillbirth and neonatal death, by Clea Harmer

To improve bereavement care, we must first listen to parents, by Dimitrios Siassakos

Evidence Made Easy

When is the baby moving enough in pregnancy? By Denise Stanford-Bell


Spotlight on Research: review of ‘Better beginnings’, by Amanda Waterman

Prevention of stillbirth and management of stillbirth risk, by Alexander Heazell

Endocrine disrupting chemicals and breast cancer: reducing risk for babies and infants, by Jack Brown