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NCT Perspective: preparing parents for birth and the transition to parenthood 

Perspective is NCT’s FREE quarterly journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood. It covers research, policy and service development on topics including pregnancy, preparation for labour and birth, infant feeding and the transitition to parenthood for mums and dads with a baby or toddler. 

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“I found it friendly, useful and supportive. A great space to relax and just be with you and your baby.” (mother attending NCT Mother and Baby Yoga class, in NCT Perspective, March 2018)


NCT Perspective March 2018 features:

  • How photography about yoga for mothers and babies is drawing attention to the NCT 'Hidden Half' campaign.
  • The changes in identity and attitude to careers experienced by women after having a baby, and anxieties about returning to work, and how employers can support them
  • NCT standalone 'Returning to work' workshops which help mums to address their thoughts and make decisions about returning to work.
  • An update on progress towards continuity of carer in maternity services, through implementation of the National Maternity Review 'Better Births' recommendations
  • The influence of fathers' mental health on babies, and more.

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"Going from someone who speaks at conferences to someone who’s pleased if they’ve had a shower by 1 o’clock” (mum interviewed for research on transitions after having a baby) in NCT Perspective, March 2018