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All expectant mothers and fathers should be helped to prepare for birth and parenthood.

Read about the evidence behind the courses NCT provides and ideas for practitioners in articles from our journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood.


Running courses for men
Mantenatal - an antenatal course for fathers
Mantenatal: what do men really think?
Meeting men's needs in antenatal courses

LGBT parents

What issues do lesbian co-mothers face in their transition to parenthood?
Meeting the needs of lesbian mothers

Mothers in prison

Training officers in Holloway Prison to run antenatal preparation classes

Induction and other birth interventions

Teaching parents about induction of labour
What should we teach about birth interventions?
Making evidence about risks and benefits accessible to parents

Expecting a big baby

Women who are told they are expecting a big baby may feel worried

Twins and multiples

Why are parents expecting twins or multiples different to those expecting one baby?

Alternative & complementary

When do relaxation and breathing become self-hypnosis?

Preparation for Birth and Beyond

What do parents say about NCT courses?

Working with practitioners to improve their parent feedback

NCT Access to NCT training course
Teaching Preparation for Birth and Beyond in a children's centre
NCT Preparation for Birth and Beyond: the teachers' perspective
NCT PBB courses: a response to new opportunities
Birth and Beyond Practitioner: a new qualification


Losing the baby you dreamed of
Supporting parents when a baby dies

Courses and training

Words that empower
The first session - what do parents tell us?
Optimising the start for baby study day
Refining the assessment of NCT practitioners
Training midwives to run parent-centred courses
Does a longer antenatal course increase parents' confidence? 
NCT antenatal teacher training improves wellbeing
NCT birth companions: a new training programme and a new service
Yoga in pregnancy: relax, stretch and breathe
Evidence for NCT's antenatal services