NCT supports and informs women and their partners to make decisions
that feel right for them and their family. Our policy on this will not change.
We believe it is important for parents to have reliable evidence-based
information that addresses their questions and concerns, and access
to services that meet their needs.

We believe that all women should have access to a dependable, high-quality
home birth service and that all areas of the country should offer women
access to a local birth centre, freestanding in the community or close to
the labour ward in an obstetric hospital (an alongside midwifery unit).

For women who are healthy and have a straightforward pregnancy, the
choice of using a birth centre or planning for a home birth has much to
recommend it. Generally, the results in terms of adverse outcomes for
babies were reassuring in this study. For those who have had a baby
before there was no difference in adverse outcomes between the
different birth settings. For first-time mothers there was a small increase
in adverse outcomes. Parents should have this explained to them so that
they can make up their mind where they would like to plan to have their baby.